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WinUI 3.0 with Ryan Demopoulos

Episode #1660 Thursday, November 7, 2019

What's happening with Windows client-side development? Carl and Richard talk to Ryan Demopoulous about WinUI 3.0, the next version of the WinUI stack, which represents a major shift in how Windows applications are going to be built and supported in the future. Ryan starts the conversation focused on the current WinUI 2, which is open source, but largely focuses only on UWP. WinUI 3 expands the horizons to support .NET Core and more - the alpha bits shipped at Ignite, check it out!


Ryan Demopoulos

Ryan Demopoulos is a Lead Program Manager for Windows UI, and his main job is to get WinUI 3 out the door! Part of this is product work, part of it is working to get WinUI open source, and Ryan works closely with other teams at Microsoft across .NET and Visual Studio to make sure WinUI 3 will be great when it ships.


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