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Client-Side Development in 2019 with Tim Corey

Episode #1657 Thursday, October 17, 2019

What does client-side development look like today? Carl and Richard talk to Tim Corey about WinForms, WPF and other ways to build applications that live on a client. The conversation digs into the fear that client-side developers have around WinForms going away - which does not appear to be happening with a new version appearing in .NET Core 3. But Tim does dive into how you can spend time organizing your application in a way that tolerates changes to UI... but what to change to?


Tim Corey

Tim Corey has made just about every misstep possible in his journey to become a C# developer. Now, he makes it his mission to make learning C# easier. He operates a YouTube channel with over 180 videos on C# development, including fresh content twice a week. He also creates full courses at IAmTimCorey.com for those who want even more content. If you want to learn C#, Tim will do his best to help you.


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