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Migrating from Delphi to .NET - a Story by Elias Puurunen

Episode #1656 Thursday, October 10, 2019

Ready for a tale of migration? Carl and Richard enjoy a tale by Elias Puurunen who tells the story of migrating a 90's era Delphi app to .NET. The application in question was an air quality simulation application with some serious math equations in it that was written in the 90's in Delphi. The original developer long gone, there is source code but no operating development environment for it. Elias describes the various tactics he used to get the application into .NET so that it could have a future - and new features!


Elias Puurunen

Elias Puurunen wants technology to work for humans. At age 4 he got to use a Commodore 64, which started his journey to learn how to make computers do his bidding. As he used WPF and Silverlight to fund his Computer Science degree at the University of Waterloo, Elias discovered the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). He has used the principles of HCI to make better apps for the users he serves ever since. He even named his company, Northern HCI Solutions, to reflect his commitment to great user experience (or whatever we’re calling it this week). To combine his love of conferences, public speaking, and free hotel coffee, he created Tractus Event Passport, a suck-free conference experience app. It's powered conferences and symposiums across Canada. In his spare time Elias teaches the University of Waterloo’s Masters of Public Policy students how to write code. You can find his first book, Beyond Passwords, which launches October 15th at beyondpasswordsbook.com.


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