.NET Rocks!

Rust and C# with Ashley Mannix

Episode #1647 Thursday, August 8, 2019

What is Rust and why would you use it with C#? While at NDC in Oslo, Carl and Richard chatted with Ashley Mannix about he and the team at Datalust build Seq, a structured log server, using Rust on the back end and C# on the front. Rust looks a lot like C++, but with a great type safety system and a smart compiler that can help catch memory leaks before they happen. Rust is a modern language with modern capabilities and well worth the look!


Ashley Mannix

Ashley Mannix is an engineer at Datalust in sunny Australia, working on Seq, a structured log server built in .NET and Rust. He's also a part of the Rust language's Libs team, working on the standard library and other central APIs.


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