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Instrumenting Software Features with Christine Yen

Episode #1627 Thursday, March 21, 2019

How do you measure the success of a feature in your application? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard talked to Christine Yen about her experiences building instrumentation systems for applications both to diagnose problems and to understand how to make software better. The conversation digs into the scientific method of hypothesizing a potential feature, exploring different ways to build it and deciding on measurements of success - know when something works!


Christine Yen

Christine Yen is a cofounder at Honeycomb, which builds software for engineering teams to debug production systems. Christine has built systems and products at companies large and small and likes to have her fingers in as many pies as possible. Previously, she built Parse’s analytics product (and leveraged Facebook’s data systems to expand it) and wrote software at a few now-defunct startups.


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