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Functional Web Programming using SAFE with Anthony Brown

Episode #1626 Thursday, March 14, 2019

Build your web site in F#! While in London at the NDC, Carl and Richard talked to Anthony Brown about the SAFE Stack - a complete set of tooling for building back-end and front-end parts of your website in F#! Anthony talks about the various pieces needed to work together, how debugging works, and his preferred tooling, including VSCode as the editor and some great plug-ins that make F# coding easy!


Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown is a consultant working at Compositional IT where he helps companies build and deploy cloud ready applications built using functional first techniques and technologies with Azure and F#. He's mostly interested in problems relating to IoT, distributed systems and big data processing. Anthony is a big fan of writing systems which just work with the minimal amount of effort (Don't we all?!). He's also the author of the book Reactive Applications with Akka.Net. When he's not writing code, Anthony can usually be found in the cricket nets or enjoying all that London has to offer. Tweet him @bruinbrown93


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