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Open Source Home Assistants with Sarah Withee

Episode #1623 Thursday, February 21, 2019

Have you got a home assistant device? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard talk to Sarah Withee about her experience with Mycroft, the open source home assistant device. As an open source project you can run Mycroft on your PC, or even a Raspberry Pi. The conversation turns to the concerns about constantly listening speakers and how having an open source project that lets you see what its listening to make that whole experience less concerning. And there's custom hardware too!


Sarah Withee

Sarah Withee is a polyglot software engineer, public speaker, teacher and mentor, and hardware and robot tinkerer located in Pittsburgh, PA. She has a passion for technology, and has ever since she wrote her first computer programs in elementary school. She captivates audiences with both popular and powerful technical and anecdotal talks. She gives workshops to teach programming and hardware building to women in tech, as well as to students of all ages. She's mentored middle and high school robotics teams to world championships. She's even helped organize six conferences, been on a Google Year in Search video, and started the viral hashtag #SpeakerConfessions.


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