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Span of T in .NET Core 2.1 with Adam Sitnik

Episode #1615 Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How do you make .NET Core go even faster? System.Memory! While at the Update Conference in Prague, Carl and Richard sat down with .NET Core team member Adam Sitnik to talk about his work on Span of T and System.Memory. Adam talks about .NET Core 2.1 and C# 7.2 giving access to unmanaged heap and stack memory. Used right, you can get huge performance boosts and decreased memory footprints for certain classes of work - at the risk of a stack overflow! Great conversation about when and where you should take advantage of these new features!


Adam Sitnik

Adam Sitnik is a software engineer at Microsoft focused on .NET performance and reliability. He contributes to few open source projects: BenchmarkDotNet, coreclr, corefxlab and the awesome .NET Performance list. Adam has spent much of his professional life working on systems for energy producers and distributors including projects such as energy trading, production optimization, balance settlement and critical events detection. So far no blackouts! Adam is also an ex-MMA practitioner, AFOL, rabbit owner and a huge star wars fan.


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