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Time Travel Debugging with Omer Raviv

Episode #1613 Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How do you debug? Carl and Richard talk to Omer Raviv about OzCode Debugging, including its ability to do 'time travel' or 'reverse' debugging - rather than stepping through code forward line-by-line, you can go any direction you want with any rules that you need. Omer talks about the years of work in OzCode and the array of features including understanding what your LINQ queries are doing in detail, writing conditional breakpoints and more.


Omer Raviv

Omer Raviv is creator and CTO of OzCode and an expert on Visual Studio Debugging. Omer frequently speaks about developer productivity and software quality at conferences and .NET user groups around the world, encouraging developers to spend as little time as possible using the debugger, and more time writing great software.


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