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Node Development Panel from DevReach

Episode #1608 Thursday, December 20, 2018

What's new in Node development? While at DevReach in Bulgaria, Richard moderated a panel of David Neal, Brandon Satrom and Tara Manicsic about their experiences with Node. There's a huge array of application types that make sense for Node, starting with IoT solutions, but also exploring the more traditional web applications. Node works great in the serverless role as well, it's low-ceremony approach works great with Azure Functions and AWS Lambdas. The continuing improvements to Javascript help also, and since you control the runtime environment, you get to use those language improvements in production!


David Neal

David Neal is a husband, father of 5 boys, geek, musician, motorcyclist, speaker, software developer, and Microsoft MVP living in North GA. He spent several years building high-performance, scalable social media applications, and currently works at LeanKit as a Developer Advocate. David runs on a high-octane mixture of caffeine and bacon.

Tara Manicsic

Tara Z. Manicsic is a lifelong student, teacher, and maker. She has spent her career using JavaScript on both back-end and front-end to create applications. A Developer Advocate for Progress, Google Developer Expert, and international technical speaker, she focuses on conveying the codebase she has learned. In her free time she works in her community to educate and learn from other developers. Tara launched the Cincinnati Chapter of Women Who Code and the Cincinnati branch of NodeSchool. Beyond code, Tara still makes things but with solder/clay/wool and hikes any mountain she can get to with her trusty sidekick, #toshmagosh.

Brandon Satrom

Brandon Satrom works for Particle, an IoT platform company focused on helping developers solve real problems. A longtime front-end developer and aspiring maker and hardware guy, Brandon loves to help software folks learn to love the world of hardware.


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