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Top Azure Security Fails with Karl Ots

Episode #1607 Tuesday, December 18, 2018

What can you do wrong with Azure security-wise? Lots! While at Update Conference in Prague, Carl and Richard talked to Karl Ots about all the things that can go wrong with security in Azure. Karl starts at the top with one of the main reasons you should consider Azure - physical security. Those data centers are safe! From there, the conversation dives into choices you make when setting up Azure that can cause trouble - what email addresses to use, what privileges each account requires, and so on. It makes perfect sense to give minimum privileges to users and applications, but do you do it? Have a listen!


Karl Ots

Karl Ots is an Azure MVP, patented inventor, college dropout and an all-around cloud geek. During daylight, he's a consultant at Zure, an Azure-only consultancy company. He has been working with Azure since 2011, helping clients small and large. Karl fills his nights by organizing community events such as the IglooConf conference. Follow him on Twitter at @fincooper.


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