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Cross-Platform CI/CD Automation Using Nuke with Matthias Koch

Episode #1598 Thursday, November 15, 2018

Looking for some build automation options? Carl and Richard talk to Matthias Koch about his open source project called Nuke - as in Nu-Make. Matthias discusses building a domain-specific language in C# that focuses on building software using fluent syntax, but looking beyond those options for more ways to work with third-party software and not getting too tangled in the details. This leads to an entire add-on model for Nuke that lets you encapsulate functionality and complexity. Check it out!


Matthias Koch

Matthias Koch is a passionate C# developer and likes to talk about clean code, testing and tooling in general. Much of his spare time in the last years was devoted to his very own open source projects. He is working at JetBrains as developer advocate for the .NET department. You can follow him on Twitter via @matkoch87.


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