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Building for the Cloud using Pulumi with Luke Hoban

Episode #1596 Thursday, November 8, 2018

How do you build out your cloud infrastructure? Carl and Richard talk to Luke Hoban about Pulumi, a start-up making open source software that helps you take Infrastructure-as-Code to the next level - not just simple scripts, but real programming languages. Luke talks about getting away from the cut-and-paste effects of Infrastructure-as-Code into building classes with enough sophistication that you're not creating technical debt each time you build a new cloud resource. With support for multiple clouds and multiple programming languages, this looks to be the next essential cloud development tool!


Luke Hoban

Luke Hoban is the CTO at Pulumi where he is re-inventing how developers program the cloud. Prior to Pulumi, Luke held product and engineering roles at AWS and Microsoft. At AWS, Luke led product definition and business planning for EC2 instance families including GPU, FPGA and T2 compute offerings. At Microsoft, Luke co-founded TypeScript (the fastest growing development language), developed Go support for Visual Studio Code (the most used developer tool for Go), was part of the design teams for ECMAScript and C#, and served as Technical Assistant to the CVP of the Developer Division contributing to corporate strategy and execution for the developer audience. Luke is passionate about building tools and platforms to enable and empower developers, and is a deep believer in the transformative potential of the cloud.


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