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Web Performance Tools in 2018 with Benjamin Howarth

Episode #1595 Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Web performance is still important - what are you doing to keep your sites fast? Carl and Richard talk to Benjamin Howarth about his current approach to web site performance - with a focus on dealing with older smartphones and lower bandwidth. The conversation runs through a huge gamut of tools that help you understand what your customer experiences when accessing your website, and where to focus to make improvements. Not everyone has 4G connections and top-of-the-line phones - be kind to your users!


Benjamin Howarth

Benjamin Howarth is a freelance consultant & web developer, specialising in the .NET open source arena building awesome projects and websites, and hopefully making other developer's lives easier along the way. As well as blogging about all things .NET and open-source, he loves travelling, running, politics and promoting mental health & related charitable causes.


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