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Azure Durable Functions with Maxime Rouiller

Episode #1594 Thursday, November 1, 2018

Functions are ephemeral and stateless - right? What if they weren't? Carl and Richard talk to Maxime Rouiller about durable functions in Azure. Maxime dives into the patterns that durable functions provide, starting with the chaining pattern, where you can declare a series (or chain) of function calls that only start when the previous function completes. And then onto the fan-out pattern that allows for an orchestrator to launch any number of simultaneous functions and then collect their results in whatever order they complete. There's more choices and a ton of possibilities in durable functions!


Maxime Rouiller

Maxime Rouiller is a Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate. He has been in the tech industry since the 2000s, and has been working with .NET as long as he can remember. A self-proclaimed master of all trades, he has setup VMs and SharePoint environments, built servers, coded everything from desktop to server apps, but he truly found his passion around the web. Maxime was an independent consultant for 3 years before joining Microsoft. He also co-manages a local user group in Montreal.


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