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PostgreSQL on Azure with Craig Kerstiens

Episode #1592 Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ready for a different database? Carl and Richard talk to Craig Kerstiens about his work with PostgreSQL. The conversation starts out with a little bit of the history of PostgreSQL being one of the original open source projects - and how it has evolved over the years. Today there is great support for Postgres in .NET, and in Azure as well! Craig is the editor of the Postgres Weekly newsletter, so if you're keen to get engaged with the Postgres community, sign up today!


Craig Kerstiens

Craig Kerstiens heads up product at Citus Data, which turns Postgres into a distributed horizontally scaleable database. He curates Postgres Weekly, a weekly newsletter for all things Postgres. Prior to Citus he was at Heroku for several years where he ran Heroku Postgres.


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