.NET Rocks!

Coding Haskell and F# with Daniel Chambers

Episode #1590 Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ready for some functional thinking? While at NDC in Sydney, Carl and Richard chatted with Daniel Chambers about his experiences in functional programming, starting with F# and moving to Haskell. Daniel talks about how F# serves as the gateway drug for functional programming, living within Visual Studio and still interoperating nicely with the object-oriented world. But sometimes you want pure functional, and Haskell can help you - communicating with it via web service models, you write purely functional, immutable code. The tooling is a bit different, but the benefits are significant!


Daniel Chambers

Daniel Chambers has a passion for functional programming and quality software. During the day, you can find him writing Haskell and for the .NET platform with F# and C#. He works as a Senior Consultant for Readify.


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