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Coding on Twitch with Jeff Fritz

Episode #1575 Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What the heck is Twitch, and why would you want to code on it? Carl and Richard talk to Jeff Fritz about his experiences building a TwitchTV livestream for coding with .NET. What started as an experiment has grown to thousands of viewers and streams that happen several times a week. Jeff talks about the power of reaching new audiences and how the digressions during streams turn into the most important bits. Is live stream coding a good way to learn? How does it compare to other techniques? And just for fun - we recorded this show on his Twitch channel!


Jeff Fritz

Jeff Fritz is a principal program manager in Microsoft’s Developer Division on the .NET Community Team where he leads development of live video and online content. Jeff is the executive producer of the .NET Conf series of online events. He is also a Twitch and YouTube partner as well as the founder of the Live Coders stream team. You can catch Jeff writing .NET Code with GitHub, Visual Studio, and Azure on his video stream called 'Fritz and Friends' at twitch.tv/csharpfritz


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