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The Nine Knights of Azure with Adam Cogan

Episode #1574 Thursday, August 23, 2018

How should developers get started with Azure? Carl and Richard talk to Adam Cogan about his nine knights of Azure - in order, a set of services in Azure that developers should start with. Right off the bat, Adam suggests staying clear of the fancy cloud techs like containers and serverless. Start simple with Azure Web Apps, then start working on continuous integration and deployment. There are a ton of moving parts in Azure, and Adam has a great plan for getting your application and your skills gradually up to speed so that you can take them all on!


Adam Cogan

Adam Cogan is the Chief Architect at SSW, a Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in Visual Studio .NET 2005, Windows and Web, SQL Server, OLAP and RS applications. He built the RS and Exchange Server samples for Microsoft which then turned into a very popular Exchange Reporting Tool. At SSW, Adam has been developing custom solutions for businesses across a range of industries such as Government, banking, insurance and manufacturing since 1990 for clients such as Microsoft, Quicken, and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.


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