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Progressive Web Apps for Mobile Development with Matt Netkow

Episode #1568 Thursday, August 2, 2018

So many ways to build mobile apps - what works best for you? Carl and Richard talk to Matt Netkow about the past, present and future of PhoneGap and how the Progressive Web App is playing in the mobile dev world. Matt talks about the many JavaScript-based solutions for mobile cross-platform development including PhoneGap, Cordova, NativeScript and Ionic. But with Progressive Web Apps being supported by browsers on mobile devices, could you just be writing native Javascript for your web app? Lots of good discussion!


Matt Netkow

Matt Netkow has been a software developer, consultant, and teacher for over 10 years. While initially focused on back-end .NET application development, a few years ago he started paying attention to an increasingly popular language called JavaScript. He quickly fell in love with building PhoneGap mobile apps and has been involved with front-end technologies ever since. Recently, he joined Ionic as a Product Evangelist to help spread the word about cross-platform, web-based mobile apps.


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