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It's a Container World with Ben Hall

Episode #1565 Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Containerize all the things! Carl and Richard talk to Ben Hall about his on-going work with software in containers. Ben talks about Docker being pretty much synonymous with containers now, but when it comes to orchestration, there are a few more choices. Kubernetes seems to be the popular choice in the public cloud space, but Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos and Red Hat OpenShift all can play a role as well. Ben also digs into the role of serverless in a container world, and how these cloud-native architectures make you think about software differently!


Ben Hall

Based in London, Ben Hall is the founder of Katacoda (Katacoda.com), an interactive learning and training platform for software engineers. Katacoda specializes in enabling developers to understand Cloud-Native technologies including Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.


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