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Writing Visual Studio Extensions with Mads Kristensen

Episode #1560 Thursday, July 5, 2018

Want to extend Visual Studio? Carl and Richard talk to Mads Kristensen about what its like to build Visual Studio extensions - and how he's now responsible for helping others build extensions too! Mads is the person behind Web Essentials, which used to be a big stand-alone download. Today it's a bunch of Visual Studio extensions. Today Mads is a program manager for Visual Studio extensions, and wants to help YOU be successful at building them too!


Mads Kristensen

Mads Kristensen is a program manager on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft with the privilege to work with the extension community and ecosystem. He’s an avid extension writer himself, with over a hundred published extensions to the Visual Studio Marketplace. Before joining Microsoft, he spent a decade as a web developer working at both startups and enterprise companies. His wife and two young sons all enjoy and support his adventures in the world of home automation


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