.NET Rocks!

.NET Core in Action with Dustin Metzgar

Episode #1559 Tuesday, July 3, 2018

.NET Core in Action! Carl and Richard talk to Dustin Metzgar about his new Manning book, .NET Core in Action. Dustin talks about the challenge of writing faster than the .NET team can ship code - how do you get a book done? The conversation also digs into effective strategies for working with .NET Core, the kind of tooling you care about, approaches to debugging, internationalization and more!


Dustin Metzgar

Dustin Metzgar has been developing software professionally since 2003. His industry experience includes building software in areas such as enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, insurance, and loan origination. He joined the .NET team at Microsoft around the time of the .NET 4.0 release and later worked on Azure services. Currently, Dustin and his team own a few libraries in the .NET Framework and .NET Core, an Azure service, and some parts of Visual Studio.


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