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ML.NET with John Alexander

Episode #1557 Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Put machine learning into your .NET app! Carl and Richard talk to John Alexander about ML.NET - a set of libraries that Microsoft has been using internally for years, now available for you as a NuGet package that you can add to your application pretty painlessly. The conversation dives into what sorts of machine learning tasks make sense for ML.NET and your application, and there are a ton. From sentiment analysis to pricing prediction, machine learning has a ton of possibilities. ML.NET provides a .NET friendly layer over top of a number of machine learning technologies!


John Alexander

John Alexander co-founded the largest technical blogging community in the world, Geekswithblogs.Net before selling it several years ago and built music chart applications for Billboard Magazine used by "American Top 40". He's sat in Kirk's Chair on the bridge, has recorded cartoon pilots as part of a voice ensemble cast, is the co-creator of the "Geek" t-shirt (found at most Microsoft conferences), and was Facebook friends with Patrick Swayze.

John has a passion for designing and building accessible experiences using machine learning coupled with voice, touch, and virtual/mixed reality. His secret identity is a mild-mannered Senior Content Developer on the Microsoft APEX team (docs.microsoft.com) focused on ML.NET, .NET Core, and Docker. He also is a former Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP and loves to paint, draw, game, do voiceovers, and spend time with his spouse and three children on all sorts of adventures.


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