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Handling Faults using Polly with Dylan Reisenberger

Episode #1556 Thursday, June 21, 2018

How do you handle faults in your application? Carl and Richard talk to Dylan Reisenberger about Polly, the open source library (now part of the .NET Foundation) that helps organize fault recovery into a set of policies. Dylan talks about creating good fault solutions, not especially hard code, but it can get messy at times - creating policies makes your code more readable as well as easy to maintain when your approach to faults needs to change. And now Polly is a recommended tool for working with .NET Core 2.1!


Dylan Reisenberger

Dylan Reisenberger is the Architect and Lead Developer on Polly, the open-source resilience library for .NET which is part of the Dot Net Foundation and now integrates deeply with IHttpClientFactory in ASP NET Core 2.1. Dylan taught himself to code in assembly language and C back in the 1980s, and as a teenager spent time building a compiler for a Pascal-like language then wrote a text editor in it. Reflecting on 'why would you do that?!', Dylan cites the urge to create which drives many developers and which is likely the force behind many open source projects of today. After a stint working for Addison-Wesley on Software Engineering books before .NET was even 'a thing', Dylan returned to hands-on software development and has been working professionally in the .NET space since version 1.0. He tweets about Polly from @softwarereisen.


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