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Azure Tooling for Visual Studio with Paul Yuknewicz and Andrew Hall

Episode #1550 Thursday, May 31, 2018

Azure is good - but tooling makes it great! While at Build in Seattle, Carl and Richard talked to Paul Yuknewicz and Andrew Hall about the latest tools available in Visual Studio for developers wanting to get the most out of Azure. The conversation starts out with a response to a listener about debugging services in Azure - the challenge of following an execution path through your software and the various service offerings of Azure that your application might depend on to understand where problems lie. Then a dive into the new bits - new container support, tooling around Kubernetes and more!


Paul Yuknewicz

As Group Product Manager for Azure App Frameworks, Microservices, and Diagnostics, Paul's team is responsible for defining and building application models and frameworks for cloud developers. This includes an open-source application framework for distributed apps and cloud-native applications called Dapr (see dapr.io). I also look out for new observability experiences to make teams successful in running and diagnosing their apps.

Andrew Hall

Andrew is the Program Manager Lead for the .NET languages and tools in Visual Studio. After graduating from college, he wrote line of business applications before returning to school for this Master’s degree in computer science. After completing his Master’s degree, he joined the diagnostics team in Visual Studio where he worked on the debugger, profiling, and code analysis tools. He then moved to the .NET languages and tools team where he works on the .NET languages and supporting tools, including tools for ASP.NET, Web, and Azure App Service.


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