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Visual Studio for Mac Update with Mikayla Hutchinson

Episode #1549 Tuesday, May 29, 2018

More news from Build - the release of Visual Studio for the Mac 7.5! Carl and Richard talk to Mikayla Hutchinson about the latest features coming for the former Xamarin product. The biggest news is support for Razor, JavaScript and TypeScript intellisense, which sounds simple, but involves a ton of changes and makes VS for Mac more than just that mobile development tool. There's plenty of improvements in the mobile dev space too, and the first steps to integrating with VSTS!


Mikayla Hutchinson

Mikayla Hutchinson is a program manager on Visual Studio for Mac and the Xamarin platform. She's been working on mobile and web developer tools for mode than a decade, and is passionate about user experience and inclusivity. In her free time, she enjoys game development and silversmithing


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