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Windows Sets with Raymond Chen and Jason Watson

Episode #1546 Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tabs for Windows apps? While at Build in Seattle, Carl and Richard talked to legend Raymond Chen and Jason Watson about the upcoming Sets capabilities in Windows 10. The conversation dives into the virtual desktop, Windows 10 timeline and other tech to get you back to a productive state quickly, from one device to another. Jason and Raymond talk about how developers can add functionality to their applications to take advantage of Sets to further increase productivity. Windows continues to evolve!


Raymond Chen

Raymond Chen is a programmer at Microsoft Corporation who has been involved in the evolution of Windows for more than 25 years. In 2003, Chen began a Web site known as The Old New Thing which has grown in popularity far beyond his wildest imagination, a development which still gives him the heebie-jeebies. The Web site spawned a book, coincidentally also titled The Old New Thing (Addison Wesley 2007). Chen currently appears regularly on MSDN Channel 9’s One Dev Minute channel in the One Dev Question video series. He is still struggling with the instructions that the speaker biography should be 150 words or less, including spaces.

Jason Watson

Jason Watson is a Senior Program Manager on the Windows Shell team, which is part of the Experiences & Devices Group at Microsoft. He is focused on building developer APIs and core user navigation experiences in Windows for Sets, and has worked at Microsoft for about 12 years. Previously Jason worked on developer monetization and analytics features from Dev Center, "Project Astoria," client SDKs for Azure IoT, and toolkits for Windows Embedded. He enjoys living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his family.


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