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Constraints Liberate with Mark Seemann

Episode #1542 Thursday, May 3, 2018

Do constraints liberate? Carl and Richard talk to Mark Seemann about the very constraints that developers often argue against - pointing out how those constraints can actually make us more productive. Mark talks about memory management, such as garbage collection in .NET, while a constraint (you can't do what you want with memory) actually liberates you from thinking about memory. The same with static typing - decide on a type once, and stop worrying about it. The question is, are you surrounding yourself with the constraints that liberate you?


Mark Seemann

Mark Seemann helps programmers make code easier to maintain. His professional interests include functional programming, object-oriented development, software architecture, as well as software development in general. Apart from writing a book about Dependency Injection he has also created several Pluralsight courses, videos for Clean Coders, and written numerous articles and blog posts about programming. He's an independent consultant, author, and conference speaker. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark


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