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RavenDB V4 with Kamran Ayub

Episode #1541 Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Where do you store your objects? Carl and Richard talk to Kamran Ayub about the latest version of RavenDB. Kamran talks about his experiences implementing Raven in different projects all the way back to version 2 - and how much he appreciates that this latest version offers a ton more features and the kind of stability you need in a data storage tool. The comparisons to MongoDB are inevitable, and it's impressive how similar they are - but clearly RavenDB has a .NET spin! Of course, it's open source and cross-platform, so you can run RavenDB anywhere you like - even a Raspberry PI!


Kamran Ayub

Kamran Ayub is a full-stack engineer living in Minneapolis, MN. He has been in the industry since 2006 in roles spanning front-end design to infrastructure support. He is well-versed in web technologies and loves to work with both JavaScript and .NET stacks. His passion for impeccable UX, clean code, maintainable software architecture, and his range of ability have allowed him to wear many different hats throughout his career. He loves speaking at conferences and teaching others through his Pluralsight courses. He is a core contributor on the Excalibur.js team, a hobbyist game developer, the creator of Keep Track of My Games, and a maintainer on several open source projects. Besides coding, Kamran is an avid gamer and loves to spend time with his family. You can follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/kamranayub or keep up with him on https://kamranicus.com


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