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Building UI on the Web using Ooui with Frank Krueger

Episode #1540 Thursday, April 26, 2018

How do you build your web UI? Carl and Richard talk to Frank Krueger about his work on Ooui (pronounced whee), an open source project for implementing a Xamarin-forms like UI experience to the browser. The result is pretty amazing, including a web-based XAML editor that all runs in the browser... super fast! Frank talks about his experiences building code that runs with WebAssembly and the challenges of thinking through new UI experiences. The challenge is the variations in implementation - is XAML destined to fragment further, or can they all come together?


Frank Krueger

Frank Krueger started his career programming embedded systems in C and user interfaces in VB. Those worlds collided after college when he went to work at Microsoft on Windows Vista. After leaving Microsoft he continued work on embedded systems but later became an ASP.NET web developer. In 2008 he started writing apps for iOS and in 2009 was an early beta tester on MonoTouch - what would become Xamarin.iOS. In 2010 he released his first iPad app iCircuit that led him down his current career path of writing very nerdy mobile apps. The mono community inspired him to be an open source developer and he spends way too much time writing (what he finds to be) interesting libraries to share. You can also find him pontificating on programming with James Montemagno on the podcast Merge Conflict.


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