.NET Rocks!

Talking C# with Bill Wagner and Jon Skeet

Episode #1521 Tuesday, February 20, 2018

C# continues to evolve - there's more to learn! While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard talk to Jon Skeet and Bill Wagner about their on-going work on C#. For Bill, he's now part of the docs team helping people understand C#, and for Jon, it's his contributions via GitHub to ideas and features for C#. Both write great books and talk about the challenge of how C# is evolving as open source and in public. What features matter, and where does it all lead to? Will C# ever be finished, or is this an endless process? Is it getting easier to develop with C# or more complex? Great thoughts from two of the nicest thinkers on C#!


Bill Wagner

Bill Wagner is one of the world's foremost C# developers and a member of the ECMA C# Standards Committee. He is President of the Humanitarian Toolbox, has been awarded Microsoft Regional Director and .NET MVP for 10+years, and was recently appointed to the .NET Foundation Advisory Council. Wagner has worked with companies ranging from start-ups to enterprises improving the software development process and growing their software development teams. He is currently with Microsoft, working on the .NET Core content team. He creates learning materials for developers interested in the C# language and .NET Core.

Jon Skeet

Jon Skeet is a software engineer for Google in London, who plays with Jon Skeet is a software engineer for Google in London, who plays with C# (somewhat obsessively) in his free time. He loves writing and talking about C#, including his popular book C# in Depth. Writing less formally, Jon spends a lot of time on Stack Overflow… where ‘a lot’ is an understatement. Give him a puzzle about how C# behaves which gets him reaching for the language specification, and Jon is a happy bunny. Jon lives in Reading with his wife and three children.


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