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Flutter with Tim Sneath and Adam Barth

Episode #1513 Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Still exploring options for cross-platform mobile development? Carl and Richard talk to Tim Sneath and Adam Barth about Google's Flutter - using the Dart language to build mobile applications that compile to iOS and Android. Tim has only recently joined Google but has dived head-first into this new approach to mobile development. Adam as one of the originators of the project talks about his key focus - the architecture that allows you to build for both platforms from one code base, and a rapid code-compile-deploy-edit cycle called hot-reload that makes iterating on your mobile app development fun! With a choice of editors (including VSCode), Flutter might just be the approach you'll enjoy to cross-platform mobile development!


Tim Sneath

Tim Sneath leads product management for Flutter and Dart, working from Google’s office in Seattle. He recently joined Google after seventeen years leading client platform and developer teams at Microsoft. You can read more about his journey to Google here: https://goo.gl/6WDsGo. In his spare time, he plays the piano, battles with the New York Times crossword, and attempts to persuade his mother that her computer doesn't bear a grudge against her.

Adam Barth

Adam Barth is a co-founder of the Flutter project at Google. Prior to starting Flutter, he was a top contributor to the open-source WebKit and Blink web rendering engines. He co-invented HTTP Strict Transport Security and wrote several Internet standards, including RFC 6265 (HTTP Cookies), RFC 6454 (The Web Origin Concept), and RFC 6797 (HTTP Strict Transport Security) at IETF and Content Security Policy 1.0 at W3C.


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