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Storytelling with James Whittaker

Episode #1512 Thursday, January 18, 2018

How can storytelling advance your career? Carl and Richard talk to James Whittaker, who recently published The Storytellers Spellbook, about the power of stories to help people understand you and the things that are important to you. James tells his story about realizing how important storytelling was to his career and what it could do for him - and the additional challenge of teaching others how to tell stories. He breaks down three key aspects - the story you tell, how you tell it, and what you do while telling it. You don't have to be on stage, even your regular performance review at work is a type of storytelling, and it's in your best interest to get better at it!


James Whittaker

James Whittaker’s career spans academia, start-ups and top tech companies and starts in 1986 as the first computer science graduate hired by the FBI. James then worked as a freelance developer, most notably for IBM, Ericsson, SAP, Cisco and Microsoft, specializing in test automation. He joined the faculty at the Florida Institute of Technology where he continued his prolific publication record in software testing and security. In 2002 his security work was spun off by the university into a startup which was later acquired by Raytheon. James’ first stint at Microsoft was in Trustworthy Computing and Visual Studio. He then joined Google as an engineering director and led teams working on Chrome, Maps and Google+. In 2012 James rejoined Microsoft. James is known for being a creative and passionate leader and sought after speaker and author. Of his five books two have been Jolt Award finalists and one a best-seller. Follow him on Twitter @docjamesw and at his website docjamesw.com.


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