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Finding a Job in Software Development with Chuck Wood

Episode #1510 Thursday, January 11, 2018

How do you get a job in software development that you love? Carl and Richard talk to Chuck Max Wood about his experiences teaching people to get jobs in software development. Chuck starts with finding a job you really want - there are lots of options in software development. He talks about LinkedIn as a great source of information about companies and the people that work at them. Making connections to people in companies, understanding what the company does and who is responsible for hiring is all part of the practice of getting the right job - you can do it!


Charles Wood

Charles Max Wood is the CEO, producer, and podcast host at Devchat.tv. He hosts several podcasts including JavaScript Jabber and Ruby Rogues. He also has a course on finding a programming job and runs several online developer conferences to help programmers level up their programming and soft skills.


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