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Salesforce for .NET Developers with Jay Janarthanan

Episode #1502 Thursday, December 14, 2017

Developing in Salesforce? What's that about? Carl and Richard talk to Jay Janarthanan about the kinds of software being built today against the Force infrastructure that runs the Salesforce CRM SaaS product - and so much more! Jay talks about why you would want to do extensions to Salesforce, and how in the past few years enterprises have been building entire applications with the Force tools and infrastructure. The language of Force is Apex, and Jay is building an open source project called ApexSharp to let C# programmers use their favorite tools to build Salesforce applications. Check it out!


Jay Janarthanan

Jay Janarthanan has been developing software for all most 25 years. For the last four years, he has have been concentrating on Salesforce and continue to work as a C# developer since 2000. Before that, He was a Java programmer, started his Java carrier at Sun when Java was not even a public product. Jay began his programming career as a Smalltalk programmer, a language he loves and still uses. Jay spent the last two years at General Motors as their lead Salesforce developer on one of the largest salesforce project in the world. Last month Jay left GM to work full time on Apex Sharp (www.ApexSharp.com), an open source C# to APEX and back to C# code converter. The primary focus of this project is to bring the productivity gains of C# and Visual Studio to Salesforce development.


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