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Visual Studio Tools for AI with Seth Juarez and Paige Bailey

Episode #1499 Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ready for some AI tooling? While at Connect in New York, Carl and Richard sat down with Paige Bailey and Seth Juarez to talk about the newly announced Visual Studio Tools for AI. The conversation starts out talking about what we really mean by Artificial Intelligence, focusing on machine learning and deep learning. There are a variety of tools out there to make building the models of AI easier, and the Visual Studio Tools for AI bring all those tools together into one working environment. Tons of cool links below, check them out!


Seth Juarez

Seth Juarez holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science where his field of research was Artificial Intelligence, specifically in the realm of Machine Learning. Seth is an Evangelist for Microsoft and devotes the majority of his time making videos for Channel 9. When he is not working in that area, Seth devotes his time to an open source Machine Learning Library, specifically for .NET, intended to simplify the use of popular machine learning models, as well as complex statistics and linear algebra.

Paige Bailey

Paige Bailey is a Developer Advocate specializing in Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to joining Microsoft, Paige was employed for five years as a data scientist and geophysical application developer in the energy industry (Chevron). Languages of choice include Python, R, and SQL; and she’s always down for a jam session on sustainable energy, STEM education reform, and using data science products to empower local governments.


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