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Building VSTS using VSTS with Dan Hellem and Rogan Ferguson

Episode #1491 Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How does Microsoft make Visual Studio Team Services? With Visual Studio Team Services! While at Ignite in Orlando, Carl and Richard sat down with Dan Hellem and Rogan Ferguson to talk about their work in the VSTS team building and deploying features on a three-week cycle. The discussion dives into the agile practices that the different teams use and how they come together to get new versions out on a regular basis as part of the Software-as-a-Service offering of VSTS. Great conversation about keeping developers productive!


Dan Hellem

Dan Hellem is a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft's Visual Studio Team Services. Dan focuses on the Agile space as well as the customer adoption of the service. Before coming to Microsoft in 2012 Dan spent his career building applications using Microsoft technologies and assembling Agile teams centered on delivering high quality software to users.

Rogan Ferguson

Rogan Ferguson is a Program Manager for Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). He works on building the backend foundation of both products and enabling key scenarios to allow enterprise customers to adopt VSTS more seamlessly. This is includes enabling TFS customers to migrate their collection to VSTS!


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