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Git Source Control for Everyone with Dmitry Lyalin and Ed Thomson

Episode #1487 Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Git for everyone! While at Ignite in Orlando, Carl and Richard talked to Ed Thomson and Dmitry Lyalin about the latest updates to Visual Studio Team Services that includes deep integration with Git - not just GitHub, but Git the repository technology. The conversation digs into the commitment Microsoft has to contributing to open source projects including Git itself - including moving Windows into the world's largest Git repository, a whole 300GB of source code! Git has penetrated deeply into Microsoft, is it the right choice for your projects?


Dmitry Lyalin

Dmitry Lyalin is a Program Manager on the .NET team working on products such as .NET MAUI, XAML and .NET Hot Reload and XAML tooling. Dmitry is no stranger, he's been on past episodes talking about XAML Tooling and even DevOps topics from his past life when he worked on the Azure DevOps team.

Edward Thomson

Edward Thomson is a Program Manager for Azure DevOps where he helps software teams manage their source code with Git and deliver it with Azure Pipelines. In his copious spare time he hosts All Things Git, the podcast about Git and hacks on several open source projects.


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