.NET Rocks!

Open Source Development on the Microsoft Stack with Dylan Beattie

Episode #1482 Thursday, October 5, 2017

Why should open source developers consider the Microsoft stack? While at ProgNet in London, Carl and Richard sat down with Dylan Beattie to talk about his experiences working with developers that have written lots of code, but not in the Microsoft world. The conversation starts out focused more on the ongoing evolution of the Microsoft Stack with the recent release of Core 2 and the evolving ability to do mobile development. Dylan talks about .NET no longer being about Windows, but rather available to whatever platform you care about: OS/X, Linux, iOS, Android... what matters to you?


Dylan Beattie

Dylan Beattie a software architect, conference speaker and musician based in London. He designs APIs and distributed systems based on Microsoft.NET, and can be found speaking at conferences, hosting workshops, and helping to run the London .NET User Group.


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