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New Razor Pages with Jess Chadwick

Episode #1475 Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New to ASP.NET Core 2 is Razor Pages - how is it different from Razor? Carl and Richard talk to Jess Chadwick about how Razor Pages takes Razor to the next level, getting away from traditional MVC (which is a funny thing to say) and into a more flexible model with a simpler code-behind approach. Jess talks about how this approach often ends up more closely coupled, but in a lot of cases, that's just fine. The different techniques are not mutually exclusive, you can mix-and-match as needed. This leads to a great conversation about state management, server-side rendering and more - web development continues to evolve!


Jess Chadwick

Jess Chadwick is a Lynda.com author, host of the Static Void Podcast, founding board member of the TechBash developer conference, and dev manager and architect at one of the two largest banks in the US. But, more importantly, he's a coder with over 20 years of experience of writing and actually shipping software with a variety of teams in a variety of environments from 2-person startups to 200,000-person enterprises.


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