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Animations at Work with Rachel Nabors

Episode #1474 Thursday, September 7, 2017

Do you have animation in your work? Carl and Richard chat with Rachel Nabors about her work putting animation into web applications. The conversation starts out with a bit of a history lesson around early animation on computers, especially around touch - Rachel argues that what made the iPhone great was the keyboard animation metaphor so good you forgot you were typing on glass. Animation when done right just makes your software easier and more enjoyable to use - but it shouldn't be too noticeable! Want to learn more? You can get 10% off of Rachel's books and courses with the code NETROCKS.


Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors has been cultivating the web animation community for years. She has worked with the W3C and Mozilla on the Web Animations API. She founded the Animation at Work community and just published a book of the same name. Today she works to build the web forward at Microsoft's Edge browser.


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