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F# for C# Developers with Scott Wlaschin

Episode #1473 Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ready to try on F#? While at NDC Oslo, Carl and Richard chatted with Scott Wlaschin about what C# developers need to know to get started with F#. Scott talks a bit about his own history with development which ties in with the evolution of functional programming which in a way lost out to object-oriented programming back in the 1980s. Not that the two approaches are mutually exclusive, and Scott discusses how objects and functions live happily together in F#. It's a different way of thinking, but can be a very productive way to build applications - check it out!


Scott Wlaschin

Scott Wlaschin has over 20 years experience in software development, design and architecture, covering all aspects of business software. He is the creator of the popular F# web site fsharpforfunandprofit.com and has done many F# presentations at conferences and user-groups around the world.


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