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Empathy Mapping with Diane Zajac-Woodie

Episode #1472 Thursday, August 31, 2017

How do you get to know your customers? While at NDC Oslo, Carl and Richard talked to Diane Zajac-Woodie about empathy mapping, a process for trying to internalize the dimensions of your various customers. Diane talks about considering various dimensions of people, looking at what the see, hear, think, say and do. Empathy mapping is a way to get your team more engaged around what customer needs are, but they're only guesses - you also have to craft experiments to figure out the truth! In the end, the goal is to make the best software you can.


Diane Zajac-Woodie

Several years ago, Diane Zajac-Woodie traded a career in corporate America for a life of coaching and she has never looked back. She now uses her 13 years of experience to help groups, from Fortune 50 companies to the U.S. Government, transform their people into high-performing teams. Drawing from kanban, systems thinking and psychology, Diane teaches teams to practically apply an agile mindset, and in the process, find joy in their work again.


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