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Accessibility for UX with Elle Waters

Episode #1469 Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How do you make your applications accessible to everyone? Carl and Richard talk to Elle Waters about her working building applications for the visually and hearing impaired, on all sorts of platforms. The web dominates the discussions since so much can be built there. Elle talks about the array of tools that users have to help them understand a web page through audio, even touch solutions using braille! You can make your applications work well with these tools, but it takes empathy, effort and lots of testing.


Elle Waters

Evangelizing the growth of Universal Design and lean accessibility as best practices within large organizations, Elle Waters works on behalf of Level Access with startups and enterprise level clients to build the foundation needed to integrate accessibility into every facet of work culture. She's worked first hand with design, content, development, and testing teams to create agile, scalable methods to ensure more inclusive user experiences. Elle has a passion for all things agile, a fascination with emerging technology, and a healthy fear of zombies.


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