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MSBuild with Daniel Plaisted

Episode #1465 Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MS Build is cooler than you think! While at NDC Oslo, Carl and Richard sat down with Daniel Plaisted to talk about the latest version of MS Build. But first, a quick conversation about the situation around the reversion back from project files using JSON rather than the traditional XML-driven MS Build files. The good news is that more of what made the JSON project files great is showing up in the MS Build files! The conversation also digs into building complex pipelines for MS Build and more importantly - how to debug them! Structured logging to the rescue!


Daniel Plaisted

Since joining Microsoft in 2008, Daniel Plaisted has worked on the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), Portable Class Libraries, and the .NET Framework. He loves .NET and Open Source, and has created a couple of portable OSS libraries:PCL Storage and PCL Testing. He’s presented at various conferences including Microsoft Build, MS TechEd, Xamarin Evolve, and .NET Fringe. In his free time, he enjoys computer games, reading, hiking, juggling, and footbagging (hackey-sack).


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