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The Fluent Design System with James Clarke

Episode #1457 Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ready to get fluent? While at the Build conference in Seattle, Carl and Richard talked to James Clarke about the Fluent Design System. Fluent represents the next generation of Windows UI elements, as part of the continuous updating process that Windows 10 is under going these days. James talks about how you can start to experiment with the latest Fluent bits and provide feedback directly to the team as the features evolve. Microsoft is implementing Fluent against Windows and the Microsoft Store, and you can be part of those experiments too - check it out!


James Clarke

James Clarke is a Lead Program Manager on Composition team where he works on the system compositor and the Windows.UI.Composition API. Prior to joining Microsoft James spent 9 years as C.T.O. of London-based startup ROOT6. In his spare time he enjoys photography, music, and spending time with his family in Redmond, WA where he now lives. James has an unfortunate addiction to social media and you can find him on twitter as @clarkezone


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