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Azure Service Fabric and Microservices with James Sturtevant

Episode #1448 Thursday, June 8, 2017

Azure Service Fabric is here - should your application take advantage of it? Carl and Richard talk to James Sturtevant about his experiences moving applications into Azure Service Fabric. Yes, it is possible to "lift and shift" your application into Service Fabric via Guest Executables, but that doesn't mean you'll get much of the benefit that Service Fabric can provide. James talks about picking a feature in your application to peel off into a microservice, perhaps as an Azure Function or other serverless strategy - or even into a container! Instrumentation is a key aspect to understanding what will improve your application, and it takes time - all apps are on a continuum of development!


James Sturtevant

James Sturtevant (@aspenwilder) works for Microsoft where he partners with developers to explore the latest technologies for the web and IoT. Prior to Microsoft, he worked in the web development space for 10+ years working with startups and enterprises to improve the way they do business through technology. James is a regular speaker at local and national conferences and blogs at jamessturtevant.com. When he isn’t practicing his software craft James can be found running through the woods, climbing mountains, or hiking with his daughters.


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