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Mobile Games using Xamarin Forms and Azure Service Fabric with Jon Peppers

Episode #1435 Tuesday, April 25, 2017

You can make a game in Xamarin Forms? Yes! Carl and Richard talk to Jonathan Peppers about his latest work on NBA Life, a role-playing game for iOS and Android built with Xamarin Forms. Jonathan talks about the process they went through to decide on this particular architecture for the game, having done prototyping with Unity and Xamarin Native. The conversation also digs into the back end using Azure Service Fabric and it's Actor Model support - yes, everything is an actor! Lots of discussion around testing, deployment, crash handling and dealing with app stores. Building mobile games isn't always a pure native experience - you have choices!


Jonathan Peppers

Jon Peppers is a Xamarin MVP and author of the book, Xamarin Cross-platform Development. He is the lead developer on popular apps such as NBA Life, Hanx Writer and Draw a Stickman. He works at Hitcents on both line of business applications and games using Xamarin.


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