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Visual Studio for Mac with Mikayla Hutchinson

Episode #1427 Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Visual Studio on a Mac! Carl and Richard talk to Mikayla Hutchinson who's been with Xamarin since the very beginning, about her work on the preview of Visual Studio for Mac. The product comes from MonoDevelop, which is Xamarin's IDE that runs in Windows, Mac and Linux. Mikayla talks about how Visual Studio for Mac focuses on both the client side of mobile devices and Mac OS as well as the cloud - there are templates included that will generate a basic app for iOS, Android and the back end layer in Azure. It's still in preview, but Visual Studio for Mac looks great!


Mikayla Hutchinson

Mikayla Hutchinson is a program manager on Visual Studio for Mac and the Xamarin platform. She's been working on mobile and web developer tools for mode than a decade, and is passionate about user experience and inclusivity. In her free time, she enjoys game development and silversmithing


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